Contested Cities project

The below collection was curated by my son, Alex Schafran, who studies cities. 

Alex Schafran: This collection was designed as part of the Contested Cities project, which examines different ways that cities and towns are being fought over all over the world. My mother's urban collages have long been my favorites, and many are subtly (or overtly) political, and I have long wanted to put them together. They cover everything from art to politics to religion to open space to architecture, all of which are part of contested cities and regions.

21st Centery Los Angeles, 2010

NYC before 9-11, 2012

Manhattan Mantra, 2010

Verdi Takes Manhattan, 2012

L'homme de la Defense, 2011

La Bataille de la Defense, 2011

La Femme de la Defense, 2011

City Lights San Francisco, 2005

Minds Over Matter, 2009

Office Space Beneath the Rotunda, 2009

CityState Beneath the Feds, 2009

Three Churches SF, 2008

Marin Civic Center, 2005

East of 101, 2009

Marin/Sonoma Border, 2011

101 over Richardson Bay, 2011